Warning: Extremely Gruesome Forced Castration and Inmate Rape

We were doing searches the other day for what we thought were just going to be Military nudes due to the recent scandal with the revenge porn. Then we came upon other sites with links to sites that were totally not porn related with torture of the Syrian rebels, Russian Prison guards stripping and raping an inmate, and things such as rapists being impaled in Brazil.

Sometimes when you want to see a video without all of the blurred censorship you goto a site such as Heavy-r.com if you can weed out all of the titty and pussy porn showing up on the sides. We were unable to find the video of the Russian prison guards stripping and raping the inmate but there were news stories about it. Searching “Heavy-R” you will find extremely gruesome things such as Penectomy or a castration caught on video.

This is real life not just American Horror Story scenes with Matt Bomer or S&M Scenes in a Twink video. We live in times where you will most likely see more of this on video as more and more people have access to cameras and will film torture or even worse… death. There is even one video of a guy riding a moped and it shows his body partially torn where his crotch is and shows his severed penis.

Some people are into this type of thing as there are sites such as “CuteDeadGuys” and “BestGore” that show show the most extreme of anything most have ever seen online. While some have a curiosity as to what it would feel like without testicals and some that are in trans are finding out but they’re doing it willingly and not by force. These sites are showing it mostly by force and not by a procedure.

Theync a site that calls itself the young news channel or YNC is sharing some of the most shocking videos. We suppose they are trying to be similar to a more gruesome Fox News as if Fox was not bad enough. One of the videos listed here shows a gruesome forced castration of an african man by a tribe where he is tied up after being chased down. It shows him erect with a huge shot of semen before his penis is cut off but the video is highly grainy and hard to even tell if it is real.

There are mexican drug cartels that have also put up videos online of beheadings and castrations of traitors. One video shows a guy being hung upside down and castrated alive before being sawed to death. You only hear about ISIS on the news doing beheadings and throwing gays off buildings but these types of medieval torture and executions are everywhere.

Homophobic sites are the ones showing the most gruesome videos. One example is the Best Gore site showing a video of “Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife”. The writer makes a homophobic statement that “Luckily for the dickless guy from this video, he’s Indonesian so he can just go male to female tranny and whore himself out in brothels like so many of his fellow Indonesians do. He doesn’t even have to pay to have his penis amputated. His towel draped wife took care of the business Lorena Bobbitt style.” Another horrible video we noticed the other day was the murder of a Trans woman where they put her in a wheelbarrow after being beaten severely. Could these violent sites lead to more torture like this?

The irony of people applauding people being raped on some of these video sites if they were accused of being a child molester or rapist. There are dozens of videos where you can find inmates being raped by prison guards or fellow prisoners mostly by impaling the “rapist”. One of the most disturbing ones was the “Alleged Rapist Beaten and Sodomized in Brazilian Prison” and this was just one. There are so many out there especially in Brazil where people are being tortured and sodomized. Syria is another place where you see many of the rebels go through extreme torture as well as the rebels in Turkey.

Bottom line is that you may want to be aware of what all is going on in the world and definitely re-think where you travel.

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