Free Bel Ami DVD Offer

July 31st, 2014

bigshootergaysNot that you need anything to sweeten the deal to join BelAmiOnline but for the next 10 days BelAmiOnline will be offering a FREE DVD download of choice. You can pick your models and if you want it condom-free or hot Czech orgi from their DVD store to all new sign ups.freedvdbelami
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Male Sex Dolls are SO REAL!

April 11th, 2014

3dprintedfuckboyYou just will not believe how real these are until you see them in person and feel them on the outside and inside.  Yes, you can get them customized with “holes” such as pussies or anuses.  Want a huge cock on a white boy you got it. Want a small cock on a Latin boy with blue eyes you got it.  You get it all with these Sinthetic sex dolls.  They are similar to the Real Sex line we reviewed a few years back but will put you out a good $25,000 at least.  Maybe we need a 3-D printer to print these boys out?

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18yr old fucks hot pockets of food

March 4th, 2014

condomafterhotpocketIt really sounds like an American pie movie but he may have launched a porn career from this move! An 18-yr old had sex with food recently on Vine and it went viral. Yes, sex with Hot Pockets then gets banned and it gets him tons of followers although not without his twitter account. @VERSACEPOPTARTS has become an instant twitter legend. All he asked for was 420 retweets to fuck a hot pocket sandwich and it lit up the internet and he got more than he bargained for with a possibly burned cock and banned vine account. The 18-yr-old chef had to wear a condom to protect his dick from the microwaved “meat” inside the pocket consisting of ham and cheese. No reports on if his head cheese caught up with the cheese inside and did a little cock docking.
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Cheerleader Liam Riley (Apple Graceffa) hot nude scenes

February 27th, 2014

liam-riley-cheerleaderBefore He Was A Cute Gay Porn Star, Liam Riley Was A Cute Professional Cheerleader named Apple Graceffa. He was a cheerlebrity and all-star cheerleader but after high school he left the sport to show the porn world how a good athlete takes some hard cock. He changed his name to Liam Riley at 19-years-old when he signed with Helix Studios.

Liam-Riley-cheerleaderboy-fuckedHelix Studios’ new Moulin Rouge-inspired production, “Sex en Rouge,” starring Andy Taylor and Liam Riley is one of the hottest flicks I have seen this year. Two cute twinks going at it and the photos are fun to see as well! Helix also released a teaser for the sequel to their award-winning Helix Academy, and it’s called Scandal At Helix Academy with our boy Liam in a starring role.
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Shy Oklahoma Boy Strips Down for Cash

February 22nd, 2014

kaeldiggsmodelnudeYou’ll not meet a shyer, and cuter, dude than Kael Diggs. The Oklahoma newbie is visibly nervous, keeps rubbing his hands, and showing off a sly smile. He’s broke, cute, and horny. Newbie Kael confesses he’s a bit of a freak. Made out with a guy once and had no problems. The skinny southern lad is a perfect Broke Straight Boys fit. He’s low key when it comes to beating his meat, but that first cum stream lands on the middle of his stomach.
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Hot Twink Birthday Cake

February 15th, 2014

twinkbottombirthdaycakeNot sure that you can call up just any cake delivery store to get this one ordered.  This may be a special twink-a-licious delivery of fresh gay to your door with an open wide hole and legs up of course.  Nope not an escort but a birthday cake.  This is the best cake ever if you ask me although it was rated on one of the “most disgusting birthday cakes” we think it is horrifying delicious and can we please have a sex doll that looks like this too?

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Robert Marucci aka Noel on Sean Cody Nude

January 24th, 2014

Robert Marucci as Noel on Sean codyNormally when you see these boys on Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher among other sites you really do not connect with the guys or become a fan instantly. That is unless something newsworthy happens and you all the sudden become a fan because you feel like you know them better now. When a Florida school in the US suspended Robert Marucci from graduating for starring in gay porn films it caused a huge backlash on the internet and at the school from protests over the punishment.joshuanoelseancodybarebackfuk
Robert Marucci aka Noel on Sean Cody was “severely bullied” by classmates after the revelation. Who knows how many jocks at the school got a hard on from seeing his hung cock shots passed around the school via text. Noel or Robert actually took up this career in porn to help his mom pay bills and with a cock like his he owes his momma from the family dna of blessed greatness. Check out the video here.
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Hung & Hot Gladiator Nude

January 17th, 2014

gladiator nudeI have the ultimate gladiator fetish I must admit. When I traveled over to Rome last year I wanted all the prop gladiator boys with their dangling dicks and muscular legs and those strapped sandals revealing their hot feet. Everything about them I want. Well here is one fantasy unleashed as we bring you a gladiator hunk in the nude and you can see he is packing killer beautiful cock.  Would you fight this warrior with that big pole he has?
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Man with 2 penises

January 2nd, 2014

twopenismanWe are fascinated by the man with not just one but two penises. We have the proof right here that this man really has two of them. This is quite shocking but there are some things you may not know about him:
1. He does not use public restrooms because he would have to force piss out of one of them if it is not coming out of both.
2. He hated having two dicks in high school as other dudes would think he was gay.
3. He is dating a guy and a girl and has fucked some of his lovers with both dicks at the same time. Now that is what you call double penetration!
4. His favorite penis is the one on the right side and they don’t always get hard at the same time unless he is wearing a cock ring. They both may cum at the same time.
Check out more photos of the man with two penises below-
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Lollipop twinks

August 23rd, 2013
Jasper Robinson and Ryker Madison, a couple of typical smooth twinks

Jasper Robinson and Ryker Madison; sweet candy.

I just wanted to give you a bit of an example of the kinds of hot twinks you can expect to find at Lollipop Twinks. So here are Jasper Robinson and Ryker Madison, a couple of typical smooth twinks you can expect to see at this hot site.

Lollipop Twinks is actually one site in the GayLife Network and it comes with access to the others; there are six extra sites in total with 843 videos, plus some extras and bonuses. The sign up price here is a bit of a steal, which is why I’m recommending it to you, and the members’ area you get to access is one of the most interactive around. But before all that, the twinks:

I remember when the site started out, it took me a while to work out what the Lollipop was all about. At first I thought it was some oblique reference to a twink’s dick, but then I started to watch the videos. I then thought it was some kind of magic wand and there are scenes where the candy on a stick seems to hold some strange power over the guys. But I reckon it’s just there to add an air of innocence to the proceedings and boy do they need some! These twinks are dirty, filthy, horny little things who crave each other’s bodies as much as they do their candy. There is no shortage of hardcore twink sex here.

Jasper Robinson and Ryker Madison, a couple of typical smooth twinks

More than just eye candy

You get 142 exclusive scenes here and each one can be downloaded in up to seven choices of quality, in two different types of players. There are files for everyone from mobile-phone users up to those who like full HD. These are in Mp4 and WMV format. There are also up to five streams per scene and again there will be something to suit everyone here. The quality of the movies is good, there is no doubt about that, and you can take the whole files nice and easily. But what you can also do is make up your own playlists of your favourite moments. Where most sites will have an ‘add to favourites’ function, here you can do that but you can also select bits of movies, and stick them together in clips and make up one, two or more playlists. Select your favourite moments and have them running together. Neat.

That’s’ just one of the many interactive options at this functional site. There are many more, like making and sharing a profile and checking out other members. The design is neat, the whole thing runs smoothly and with no problems, and you get wall to wall twinks.

Jasper Robinson and Ryker Madison, a couple of typical smooth twinks

Lollipop Twinks!

Actually, your other sites include: Beddable Boys and Best Bareback, and then content from the Twinklight series of scenes and the cartoon and comic site Twinky Toons. There are then bonuses including more twinks and some fetish content (not a great deal actually, and it’s not exclusive), and access to the GayLife Network collection of 192 varied scenes and interviews with the guys. A model index lets you search around by cute face after cute face, and there are also galleries to download or browse.

I mean, basically, this is a kind of twink heaven with Lollipop Twinks being one way to get in.

Videos: 142 scenes at approx. 20 minutes
Galleries: 142 photo sets with approx. 150 pics each
Bonus sites: 6
Network Models: 636
Network videos: 843

Lollipop Twinks is offering a three day trial at $1.95