Israeli Soccer Player Ben Reichert Nude

Israeli Soccer Player Ben Reichert is definitely packing the most dick. We know boys love to be boys and show off flashing the goods to other team members to show who is boss. The soccer player plays midfield for Tel Aviv, but we’re far more interested in what other positions he can get down with. He is quite hung and thick cocked as well. Continue reading

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Men Porn Studio Stirs Controversy Using Didgeridoo As Dildo To Penetrate Boy’s Ass

The gay porn studio is being called disrespectful after using a didgeridoo as a large dildo in a new scene ‘Didgeridoo Me’. The didgeridoo is used in Australian Aboriginal communities to announce the birth of a new born, to summon the spirit ancestors of Aboriginal elders during sacred ceremonies; and is also used as an instrument to scare evil spirits. Some are saying that using the didgeridoo as a sex toy is extremely offensive. Some are getting off on the pain and sexual arousement brought on by watching the kink scene. Will this bring on a new torture method by real world bullies? Continue reading

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Gay-for-Pay Sean Cody Star Found Guilty of Murdering his Sugar Daddy

A former gay-for-pay adult film star who worked for sites like Sean Cody, Cocksure, and Mormon Boyz has been found guilty of murdering his rich older lover in the hopes of inheriting his sugar daddies fortune. Could he have not just joined up with the Gay Millionaire’s Club? David Enrique Meza, now 26, appeared in several Sean Cody clips as “Francisco” and also went by the aliases Mario Romo, Rick Romo, and Gonzalez.

The porn star was convicted on Monday of killing 52-year-old Jake Clyde Meredino in Mexico. According to reports, Meza took his sugar daddy to the side of a road in the state of Baja California and stabbed him 24 times, slashing his neck and dumping him in a ravine. Sean Cody’s Francisco would’ve inherited the Texan’s $3 million estate, and he was the only named beneficiary of a $275,000 oceanfront condo purchased the day before the murder.

Watch Calvin & Francisco at

Excerpt from Francisco Taking Cock on Sean Cody
Francisco may be smaller in stature than Calvin, but he’s big where it counts. His cock is monster thick and I wasn’t even sure if Calvin would be able to fit the thing in his mouth. Surprisingly he did, but not without having to break away for some air a time or two. And, while Francisco may be the more shy, reserved one in person, he’s probably the most verbal bottom I’ve ever heard. The harder, deeper and faster Calvin went, the louder Francisco got. Calvin even joked about it afterwards!

As Francisco at Sean Cody, his solo was released September 2010. He has a big fat dick but it was never used to fuck a guy with that studio. Instead, he was fucked twice by Jess and Calvin. Using the name Mario, he got the chance to use that big fat dick of his to pound Van at Bait Bus in a scene called Loving the Mexican Enchilada. we hear he had trouble getting it hard as he was straight so he tends to bottom more.

We have to wonder what cock he will be taking in prison for murdering his sugar daddy!

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Military Nude “Revenge Porn” Scandal Expanded To Gay Porn Sites

The Defense Department is looking into different websites and online outlets through which members of the armed forces have shared nude photographs of women and now men with many taken without their knowledge or permission. The investigation started out with just the Marines, but has spread to all branches of the military. It also started out with just female military personnel but has also spread to males and gays in the military.

This is mostly a “revenge porn” scandal that expanded to include gay service members. Military investigators have discovered images of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines with some wearing uniforms on which their nametags are visible and other times engaging in explicit sexual activity such as gay Tumblr pages and other social media sites.

Investigators are unsure how many of the images were shared without the knowledge or permission of the person depicted or how many of the men in the images remain on active duty. A Marines spokesman said at least one man came forward to say he did not agree to have his image posted on the Tumblr page where it was discovered.

  • A website, titled Anon-IB gained notoriety for publishing nude photographs of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence.
  • A 30,000-strong Facebook group called Marines United was taken offline. MU members shared pictures of female service members naked or engaged in sex. Although initially membership was restricted to U.S. Marines, Fleet Marine Force Corpsman and British Royal Marines, the group eventually expanded to include members from all branches of the service.
  • Members formed another group: MU2. When that group, too, was shut down, they formed MU3.

Those appearing in the images could face action even though they have been victimized. Although gay men may serve openly in the U.S. Armed Forces, exposing themselves or appearing in sexually explicit images while wearing a uniform or parts of a uniform is prohibited by military law. Punishment can include court martial if the service member can be identified.

Continue reading

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TV’s Prince Charming Bachelor Ex RentBoy Star Hung & Uncut

rentboybachelorJust like American Idol or any other reality one of the cast members has an X-rated past. The latest find is the star of Logo’s Bachelor reality show called Prince Charming where a guy named Robert Sepulveda Jr. has confirmed to the Huff Post that he had been a male escort and wants to move forward. He claims it helped pay his way through college. Robert was a Rentboy who hustled under the name “Vincent Romen” in Fort Lauderdale. His profiles says he had a fat, 10-inch, uncut dick and so do the photos. Maybe the boys on Prince Charming will get a taste of his monstrous cock.

‘Finding Prince Charming’ is a new reality series on Logo where 13 people are looking for Mr. Right. The show covers a range of topics people face when dating, from first time love to coming to terms with one’s past, fear of commitment and even HIV. We look forward to taking viewers on a journey of the human spirit in search of love.

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Blond AFL Player Nudes Leaked Again

AFMelbourne midfielder Corey WagnerL players nude photos never seem to stay private! According to the latest leaks the naked shots of 19-year-old North Melbourne midfielder Corey Wagner have made their way onto the internet. Thoughts? Check out these other hot nude leaks of other footballers.nude Corey Wagnernude Corey Wagner hung footballer


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Zac Efron happy too see us or a banana in his pants?

zacefron bananadickZac Efron working on “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” with another homoerotic and everyones favorite frat-boy co-star Adam DeVine. DeVine has recently stated after catching a glimpse that Efron’s manhood is “handsome” and “veiny”, we’re wondering what’s going on in his snaps below.
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Justin Bieber wears see-thru CK boxer briefs while wakeboarding

justin-bieber-see-through-miamiJustin Bieber wears just a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs while wakeboarding in Miami, Florida. The 22-year-old singer’s underwear was totally see-through after getting soaked while partaking in daytime watersports. He was joined on a yacht that afternoon by his good friend Ryan Good. We have also seen his hot penis without CK’s on. Check these pics out here to see his hot bare cock and here to see his sex doll. Continue reading

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Customer Shows off His Large Piece of White Meat at KFC

NudeMan_White_Meat_at_KFCNot exactly the fun you would expect when dining at KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken. Whether you prefer white or dark meat this guy says you will get white meat regardless. While these people were dining with greasy chicken they got a free show when this hot guy pressed his white meat up against the window by their table. Do you feel this was finger lickin’ good?

See the video below the jump!
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Zayn Malik Leaked XXX Nude Photos

zaynshirtlesszaynmalikIn our ongoing series of celebrity leaked #viral nude photos we bring you one of the latest former boy band number one hitmakers who is currently reigning on the charts in more ways than one. We found the photos online leaked of Zayn Malik the former One Direction member turned solo artist. He was sending them to his ex girlfriend Perrie Edwards back in early 2015. Check out Zayn’s cock pics after the jump! Continue reading

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