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Trevor Yates Sinks His Hung Uncut Cock Into Jack Harrer!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

In case you weren’t aware of it, the awesome Scandal In The Vatican story from the guys at Bel Ami Online has really been causing quite a stir since the first reports of it surfaced a few months ago. When the first scene from this awesome story appeared we got some of the cock sucking orgy on the site for you guys to check out. But since then they’ve released the other two parts to this three-part story and it just keeps getting better and better!

You might recall that in the last session the Kinky Angels boys all seduced the sexy religious man Trevor Yates and got him into a cock sucking orgy, with all the lads licking and slurping on every shaft that came their way – especially Trevor’s hung uncut cock. They paid a lot of attention to the immense young guy, worshipping his mammoth dick and making him so horny in the process he was willing to take splashing loads of hot cum all over him by the end of it, leaving him covered in their ball juice!

That was a great session, but fans of massive uncut cocks, loads of cum, handsome boys and plenty of anal action will probably get off on the second scene from the Scandal In The Vatican trilogy even more!

The Kinky Angels of the Bel Ami Online site have departed to enjoy their own immense orgy (which I will bring to you in part three soon), but they’ve left the hungry bottom boy Jack Harrer in the company of the hung clergyman after all that delicious dick swallowing action.

Trevor Yates fucks Jack Harrer

The guys still have plenty of hot cum to shoot with each other, and Jack Harrer wants to experience that hung uncut cock in his tight little ass!

Top guy Trevor Yates is just as eager to experience the tight hole of the young guy too though, and his oversized shaft is almost drooling precum to get inside that chute.

The boys start off with a whole lot of wanking and sucking as they work those intact shafts up and get their friend rock solid and ready for some anal pounding, and if you’ve ever seen Jack Harrer taking an ass slamming you know that if anyone can receive a massive shaft like the one Trevor Yates has to deliver it’s definitely him! That’s one of the reasons why he’s one of the most popular boys on the Bel Ami Online site!

He’s so horny for it you can see the pleasure on his face as that cock eases into his hole and stretches him out. He’s loving every thrust of that pole deep inside as Trevor gets off on the sensation of his raw dick finally buried deep in a guys warm tunnel.

Trevor Yates fucks Jack HarrerTrevor Yates fucks Jack Harrer

Trevor fucks that ass deep and hard all over the couch, getting his inches in deep as Jack lays back and strokes his own solid shaft, his foreskin sliding back and forth over the swollen helmet of his meat, until the first splashing of hot cum erupts from his pole!

I say the first splashing, because he’s so horny for that massive cock in his ass he CUMS THREE TIMES in this video! And the final moments go to Trevor Yates as he pulls his immense cock free and wanks his uncut pole until his own messy splashing cum load is erupting out all over Jack’s aching and gaping fuckhole!

This really is an immense session of ass fucking as these two really handsome guys share their hung uncut cocks. But the sight of that massive dick slamming into young Jack over and over and making him splash out his semen three times is definitely not to be missed.

If you didn’t see the first video of the Kinky Angels all teaching Trevor Yates what a real good cock sucking orgy is like then you have to see that one first. Then come to this one to see him experiencing a tight gay ass wrapped around his huge tool. And stay tuned to the blog too, because we’ll have some of the pics from the Kinky Angels orgy – the third instalment from the Scandal In The Vatican trilogy – real soon!

Watch all three instalments of the Scandal In The Vatican story only on the Bel Ami Online site!

The Stars Of Bel Ami Online – Issue 1

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

After offering you some of the hot content from the Bel Ami Online site it seemed inevitable that you guys would want more. But that’s fair, because you’re hooked on these gorgeous uncut muscle boys just like I am!

So because Bel Ami has been going for quite a while, they have a great collection of really hunky young European guys who most know and love. But, would you believe, there are some guys out there who don’t know a famous Bel Ami model when they see them. I think I could name some of the Bel Ami guys just from a picture of their uncut dick!

To get you even better acquainted with the site and the guys, I thought it might be a good idea to show you some of the hottest guys that many of their members fawn over (including me!)

Some of them might be quite new to the site, and some might spend more time these days behind the camera instead of getting it on in front of the lens, but they all have a lot of hardcore content out there, and you’ll definitely be hooked when you see them.

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston at Bel Ami Online

Lukas Ridgeston is, perhaps, what you would call a veteran of the Bel Ami site. This guy now works behind the camera, with his official last appearance having been in “Lukas In Love” back in 2005.

You can still see him making cameo appearances here and there, and of course there are the existing performances to drool over too. And they’re definitely worth having in your collection!

George Duroy (filmmaker and founder of Bel Ami) describes one of his most recognized young stars as “beauty and brains” having graduated university with an architecture degree. And we know what beauty he is talking about, with this young mans incredible blue eyes, handsome good looks, incredibly athletic body and large uncut cock.

The US magazine “Unzipped” certainly agreed in 1999, including the young hunk in their top-ten list of the most impressive gay porn stars.

Sebastian Bonnet

Sebastian Bonnet at Bel Ami Online

Sebastian Bonnet started in the gay porn industry as soon as he could. Within a year of turning 18 years old he traveled to Portugal to perform for Pride Video while also filming “Frisky Summer 2” and “The English Student”. Not one to wait around, he dived into the action and shot to fame, quickly becoming one of the most popular young studs in the Bel Ami stable.

There is a considerable collection of videos featuring this gorgeous young man, delivering his tasty uncut dick to plenty of the other young guys too.

But perhaps while he is mostly known for being a powerful top with an incredible athletic body, he’s also a master at sucking cock and providing the studio with some of the most impressive cumshots they’ve captured on camera.

While all of his videos are popular, fans seem to rate the “Personal Trainers” videos as some of the best, with Sebastian Bonnet teaching new arrivals how to suck dick and take an ass fucking from a professional. I have to personally agree with that assessment, those performances are pretty intense to watch!

Now behind the cameras providing pre-editing to George Duroy, Sebastian’s videos remain some of the most popular on the site.

Jack Harrer

Jack Harrer at Bel Ami OnlineYoung Jack Harrer is fast becoming another favorite of the members of the site and fans of the Bel Ami movies, for his incredibly outgoing and fun personality and almost insatiable appetite for sex.

Although slightly leaner than your average porn hunk from the Bel Ami site, Jack has a fantastic body and an enormous thick cock that he loves to use on his co stars.

Always joking around on set and adding his own personality to the shoots he appears in, Jack really is amazing to watch, always eager to satisfy his on-screen partners and himself – and of course you too!

He’s appeared alongside plenty of the incredibly hot boys on the site, including taking a butt fucking from hung Dolph Lambert before tasting his load in a squirting facial, enjoying a mutual cock sucking with equally well-endowed Henri Gaudin, and having a totally hot gay orgy with Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol and Luke Hamill!

These are just a few of the gorgeous guys who have been – and are – involved in creating some of the most incredible and intense gay hardcore ever to come out of Europe. And there’s plenty more where they came from too. Stay tuned for more posts featuring some of the hottest young European men in porn, or visit Bel Ami Online now to check out the action!

Jack Harrer’s first Pin-Up photoset

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

This fresh new Bel-Ami piece of meat and we do mean big piece of meat on his boner has his first photo set. This includes a gorgeous pinup you should post above your bed after watching all his videos. Jack Harrer is the latest of hotties from Czech boys land and Bel Ami. Keep them cumming.

You can see other Bel Ami boys here such as Paul Mekas.