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Hung BFs

Friday, March 4th, 2011

When you join Hung BFs you actually get to join a network of sites, all included for the same price. And most of the sites included are along similar themes: stolen, hacked, borrowed, member-submitted videos and galleries of real guys. You know the kinds of thing, guys who take cell phone snaps of themselves, send them to pic-swap sites, make home videos and send them up to tube sites… and then wonder why they end up on a site like Hung BFs. It’s all natural, amateur, homemade porn here… or is it?

First off you come to a home page where the 13 areas of the network are set out. Although each site, like Ripped BFs and Real College BFs are advertised as separate sites, I consider them to be areas within one site, the Boyfriend Pass Network, so think of them as categories. Select Hung BFs from the samples shots you see and the sample content further down the page changes. You’ve arrived at your hung amateur guys, almost without noticing.

I was in the site in mid-January and came across 41 video clips and 19 galleries made up of various amounts of unrelated, solo pics, and there was also the promise of regular updates to boost this content count; plus the access to the other areas don’t forget.

Videos here are short clips. They are the kind of thing you would see on an adult tube site, or a self-submit site (which this one also purports to be), and on more raunchy areas of social networking sites. Therefore expect mid to low quality and be happily surprised when you often find higher quality that that. Expect variation in the gallery image sizes and qualities too, as these are also home-grown, dick-flash shots, with some very cute and often very well hung bois. Image sizes here ranged from 467 x 348 upwards.

Meanwhile in the video clips, you can view in 3GP, Flash, MP4, MPG and WMV formats, there are streams and downloads and all the links and options worked fine for me. After you have viewed a clip you cat rate it, and while you are viewing one you can skip through the stream, or click to the next available clip, which makes navigation easy. (Well, it would if the link actually worked.)

I have to say the this site does have some downsides, which I’ll get out of the way now: for a start you have an ‘add to favorites’ function, but no actual ‘favorites’ area that I could find, so your best clips and pics get stored… somewhere inaccessible. There are also some missing images, presumably they have been removed after requests from the owners. And on that note there has been some controversy around this, and the other sites in the network. Where does this content come from? It says it’s user submitted (but the submit links, when found, didn’t work) and there are definitely some studio produced productions in the other areas of the network.

But, if you are up for some genuine guys in home clips and pics, the kind of stuff you have to wade through on tube style sites and then find it blocked, or missing, and if you want bonus DVDs, studio porn, variety, loads more genuine amateur clips and vids and all the updates, then Hung BFs is a good starting pace. It may not take you hours to get through what is available here, but that’s where the extras come in. You’ve got hundreds of clips all together, thousands of neat pics, lots of variety and some very horny, if short moments. Knowing more about the guys and where the clips are from would be good, there is no info at the moment, and having a forum for members to hook up and chat in would also be good. But it’s still early days and the site is set to go a long way.