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Brazil Bus

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Brazil Bus takes its name from the two most important elements of the site. One; it’s filmed in Brazil and two; it’s filmed in the back of a bus. Well, a van at any rate. Basically you have these horny gay guys driving around Brazil looking for cute and sexy Latin boys to pick up and fuck in the back of heir passion wagon. And they certainly find them.

Well they’ve so far found ten of them as the site has ten exclusive episodes on it, at the moment, that run for around 25 minutes each. These come with videos and images and are neatly arranged over two pages. You get good viewing options with the videos: You have high resolution and lower resolution versions, you can view the whole thing in one go or you can view it in clips; you have an MPG version and a WMV one so they are suitable for both Mac and PC and you can stream or download all of the clips or the entire video. I checked out a lower quality stream for you and found that it was perfectly watchable, even when it was a full screen. And the soundtrack was nice and clear too. When you think that these flicks have been shot while the bus is traveling at speed along the highways of Brazil the quality of the film making is pretty good. There’s very little camera jerk or ‘oops, I dropped it!’ as they drive over bumps. Occasionally they will go under a bridge and a shadow will pass across your screen but that’s about it. There was one scene I saw where the bus was being followed by the cops but it didn’t stop the boys in the back from fucking each other – now that’s what I cal reality porn!

The guys themselves are all hot in one way or another. They enjoy the sex they get up to, they are generally smooth, most are well hung – huge in some cases – with dark cocks and tight asses. So there is no faulting the models. Actually there’s no faulting anything really – it would have been good to have more episodes though and there wasn’t any news about updates and when we might get some more. But when you consider you have 10 long scenes for your $24.95 it’s reasonable value for money.

When you check out the tour you’ll see basically what you will see in the members’ area so the tour in that respect is ‘transparent’. However once you have signed up you will be able to fully access the videos. The trailers are o.k. on the tour and give you a flavor of the sexy fun to come but nothing beats the real thing. (The Guto &a Joao episode must be my favorite.)

I mentioned value for money just now but what I didn’t go on to say was that when you sign up for Brazil Bus you actually get access to four other sites too. There is another Brazilian themed one where sexy young Brazil boys give blow jobs, there is access to a movie theatre with hundreds of scenes to download, a site that focuses on men in their thirties being naughty with each other and a leather themed site too. So when you’ve done with your ten Brazil Bus movies you have hours, no days, more viewing ahead of you. The Brazilian themed movies and pics are totally exclusive and there are loads of other genres in the movies theater so you won’t get bored. Now that must be value for money surely? Five sites for the price of one. Fab!