UK Footballer Has Secretly Been Showing Off His Huge Cock

ukfootballeraaronmoody2Nothing hotter than a soccer boy posting his junk or as they call them in the UK Footballers. Alledgedly Tumblr user bigwhitecock20 was a 19 year old UK footballer before he deleted his account and he had been anonymously posting nude photos of his giant penis.

Cock is so big you know he would shoot gallons after a hot, sweaty football game.ukfootballeraaronmoody

Tumblr user angloselfies discovered the connection, writing: “So bigwhitecock20 was Aaron Moody on instagram. Didn’t believe it until I saw the nose and the pictures of shoes. Unfortunately I guess this is why he left tumblr. Someone made the connection.”ukfootballerunderwearhugepenis1

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College Wrestlers Sculpted Bubble Butts and Singlet Bulges

college wrestler bubble buttCollege wrestling matches are some of the hottest things to watch. These young college jocks have perfectly sculpted bubble butts and bulges that want to come out of that singlet that is on so tight. Continue reading

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Male Celebs Bare it All On New Cock-filled Site

male celebrities caught nudeA new gay website that has been in the works for over six months removes all doubt about the undercover assets of popular figures in pop culture. Tabloid Men is a celebrity site unlike what you will find on Perez Hilton because it bares all. It shows full-frontal images from male celebrities who are out and proud, as well as men who aren’t out but are proud of their bodies and hope to keep it a secret. The gay celebrity nude site mixed with straight and bi celebs updates you with the latest and greatest of who has been caught in the act.

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Warning: Extremely Gruesome Forced Castration and Inmate Rape

We were doing searches the other day for what we thought were just going to be Military nudes due to the recent scandal with the revenge porn. Then we came upon other sites with links to sites that were totally not porn related with torture of the Syrian rebels, Russian Prison guards stripping and raping an inmate, and things such as rapists being impaled in Brazil.

Sometimes when you want to see a video without all of the blurred censorship you goto a site such as if you can weed out all of the titty and pussy porn showing up on the sides. We were unable to find the video of the Russian prison guards stripping and raping the inmate but there were news stories about it. Searching “Heavy-R” you will find extremely gruesome things such as Penectomy or a castration caught on video.

This is real life not just American Horror Story scenes with Matt Bomer or S&M Scenes in a Twink video. We live in times where you will most likely see more of this on video as more and more people have access to cameras and will film torture or even worse… death. There is even one video of a guy riding a moped and it shows his body partially torn where his crotch is and shows his severed penis.

Some people are into this type of thing as there are sites such as “CuteDeadGuys” and “BestGore” that show show the most extreme of anything most have ever seen online. While some have a curiosity as to what it would feel like without testicals and some that are in trans are finding out but they’re doing it willingly and not by force. These sites are showing it mostly by force and not by a procedure.

Theync a site that calls itself the young news channel or YNC is sharing some of the most shocking videos. We suppose they are trying to be similar to a more gruesome Fox News as if Fox was not bad enough. One of the videos listed here shows a gruesome forced castration of an african man by a tribe where he is tied up after being chased down. It shows him erect with a huge shot of semen before his penis is cut off but the video is highly grainy and hard to even tell if it is real.
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Naked Photos Of Pro Wrestler Seth Rollins

sethrollinsgifWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Raw star Seth Rollins twitter spilled some compromising images of the the wrestling star. Images of the famous wrestler Rollins and his penis (which has since become a trending topic on twitter, more on that below).
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Big Brother David Girton’s hung cock

davidgirtonbigbrothernudeDavid Girton from Big Brother 15 has been leaking photos of his big cock, wearing panties, and ass pics. He has some long fantasy Fabio hair and a hot body to go with it. This is one celebrity I would love to sleep in my bed from a reality tv show and he looks quite cute in that pink thong. The nude photos for the Big Brother castmate makes us want more maybe Cody or Freddie Ariana? We would love to see how hung Freddie is… Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s Nude Photo Leaked

justin-bieber-cockCould this really be Justin Bieber’s nude photo? In case you missed it, there’s a naked pic of Justin Bieber bouncing around Tumblr. We’re not going to lie, it looks legitimate. In the past, a few alleged photos of the star nude circulated, but this one looks the realist.justin biebers nude ass instagram Continue reading

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Max Ryder opens Hole up for Jack Harrer

It all starts with a usual Bel Ami boy suck fest then it turns into a full on fuck fest with one little twink’s hole left wet with cum. With Holidays upon us we are delivering an early present, Cockyboys’ Max Ryder in action with the KinkyAngels. This turns out to be a hot double up of porn stars with the KinkyAngels and Max Ryder being a perfect fit. All Max wanted for Christmas was Jack Harrer so they gave him Jack, Adam, Andre & Kevin! In part 1 the boys welcome Max at the train station, then take him back for a suck orgi he will never forget. The second part has the Angels taking turns on the sweet hole of Max until he finally takes all of Jack Harrers huge thick cock.

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Free Bel Ami DVD Offer

bigshootergaysNot that you need anything to sweeten the deal to join BelAmiOnline but for the next 10 days BelAmiOnline will be offering a FREE DVD download of choice. You can pick your models and if you want it condom-free or hot Czech orgi from their DVD store to all new sign ups.freedvdbelami
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Male Sex Dolls are SO REAL!

3dprintedfuckboyYou just will not believe how real these are until you see them in person and feel them on the outside and inside.  Yes, you can get them customized with “holes” such as pussies or anuses.  Want a huge cock on a white boy you got it. Want a small cock on a Latin boy with blue eyes you got it.  You get it all with these Sinthetic sex dolls.  They are similar to the Real Sex line we reviewed a few years back but will put you out a good $25,000 at least.  Maybe we need a 3-D printer to print these boys out?

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