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18yr old fucks hot pockets of food

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

condomafterhotpocketIt really sounds like an American pie movie but he may have launched a porn career from this move! An 18-yr old had sex with food recently on Vine and it went viral. Yes, sex with Hot Pockets then gets banned and it gets him tons of followers although not without his twitter account. @VERSACEPOPTARTS has become an instant twitter legend. All he asked for was 420 retweets to fuck a hot pocket sandwich and it lit up the internet and he got more than he bargained for with a possibly burned cock and banned vine account. The 18-yr-old chef had to wear a condom to protect his dick from the microwaved “meat” inside the pocket consisting of ham and cheese. No reports on if his head cheese caught up with the cheese inside and did a little cock docking.

Straights Become Gay Cum Sluts

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

There is this rather wonderful porn producer called Bucksfactory and they are known for making exclusive movies and galleries which they then display on a variety of sites. They concentrate mainly on the twink market, with sites like All Boys 19, Gay Video 18 and Angel Twinks. But right now they are launching their latest offering, the 28th exclusive site to fit under their already tight and bulging belt.

Straight Become Gay sounds a bit like a spell that you may try and cast when you’ve fallen helplessly in lust with your best college buddy or school mate. You wave your wand towards him wishing that the spell works and that he will suddenly realise that you are the one he has been waiting for all his 18 or 19 years. But in real life spells like this don’t often work, and that’s where this new site comes in.

Reviews of this site haven’t started to appear yet so I can only go by what I know of the company’s reputation and the way the operate their sites, and by what the horny tour pages show me. But here’s what we’re offered:

First off you have a set of good sized model pics, that’s the pics that are a good size I mean, the models are too… These boys are young, in the twink age range for sure, and, to be honest, they could be straight or gay, it’s hard to tell without seeing a video and hearing them speak, watching them react and so on. But you will have to sign up and sign in for that pleasure. The titles of the sampled videos and galleries already available give you some indication of what to expect. ‘Two virgin holes’ kind of stands out as does ‘Lovers 18’ and you get the impression that your teen fantasies are going to be revisited here. ‘First Hot Kiss’ with two dark haired, smooth and hung boys is very tempting, and if you need more persuading to whip out your credit card then click further into the tour where you get a free streaming sample of very hot teen boy sex.

There are only two pages to the tour, which is for a good reason; by the time you’ve looked at page two you are ready to go to sign up. The fact that Straight Become Gay is priced at a standard $29.95 recurring each month (with a reduced rate for a three month non-recurring membership, which will save you $30.00) shows me that these guys know what they are doing. You can trust this company; if it says it will update then it probably will. There are, as yet, no bonus sites on offer, though this may be something for the future. I’d hope so as, knowing their other sites as I do, I can safely say that you are going to get perfect teens and twinks, well made scenes, a nicely designed members’ area and good quality all round. The tour also tells you that the content is filmed in High Definition and that it is a ‘mega site’ which may be a coded message suggesting that you will in fact find extras and bonus sites when you join up.

But are these really straight boys trying out gay sex? Is this another attempt for a company to leap on the current bandwagon of ;straight goes gay for pay’ and do the videos and galleries really work? Well, you’ll have to sign up to find out. Which is what I am going to do right now.

Check: to start the tour and check out the exclusive, very horny and youthful boys who are waiting for you right now.

Thug Boy Vs Straight Naked Thugs

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

straight-naked-thugboyHere’s a street war waiting to happen. I have two screens open, on one side is Thug Boy and on the other is Straight Naked Thugs. Which site is the best? That’s the challenge and now we are going to find out.

But first… What is meant by ‘Thug’. Turning to my trusty dictionary the modern definition is: “a violent and aggressive man, especially a criminal.” No race mentioned – anyone can be a thug. And that is clear from the two tours I have in front of me:

Thug Boy features black and Latino guys, it uses street language, for example, “In here ya can check out all dem phine azz thugz before layin down ya loot!” whereas SN Thugs relies on images of (mainly) white boys in hoodies, with attitude to publicize it’s content. But it’s not always language that makes a site though Thug Boy does take the street-wise Bi Latino thug theme one stage further by using it. At the same time it can get tiresome reading colloquialisms and, at times, it can sound condescending. Basically there is no competition here because the two sites are very different in appearance and they way they ‘speak’ to surfers.

They are also different in the content that they have on offer: Whereas Thug Boy concentrates on hardcore gay sex between black guys, with solo Bi Latino content too, Straight Naked Thugs sticks with its straight-boy niche and even includes some girls in the scenes – for that added reality touch. It also covers some fetish content which I’ll mention in a moment.

tatoos-penis-young-straightnakedthugThings start to heat up as we look at the quantity and quality of what’s on offer:

Thug Boy: 120 + videos in Quicktime and WMV formats that are 480 x 360 in size and is now adding HD versions.

SN Thugs: 28 videos in Quicktime format at 820k bit rate and 640 x 360 screen size.

Ok, so maybe one site is newer than the other, hence the amounts of content and, looking at both, there really isn’t much between them in terms of filming quality, navigation, layout and updates.

The big question is: what do you want to see? And the divide here, without getting into a race argument, is the skin color of the guys. Black on one site, white (with some Latino) on the other. You get the feeling that Thug Boy is American based while SN Thugs is British.

Some more differences: Thug Boy is purely Latino content and contains not only videos but galleries too. There are also lots of cool extras such as: nine stories, a model index with over 250 guys featured with descriptions, email addresses and a rating system for members. The site also lists VOD sites, there’s a live video and chat area, calendars, puzzles and wallpapers.

str8nakedboy-legs-spreadSN Thugs offers you videos and galleries, lots of straight street guys with their dicks out, bondage action, an alphabetical model index, an ‘add to favorite’ function, search engine and links to DVD stores. There are also two new fetish sections for ‘arrest/cop fantasies’ that include strip searches and line ups. Somehow this site feels more ‘real’, the guys here don’t look as much like your classic porn model as the Thug Boy boys do. Thug Boy has hard and chiselled, well built, clean and tidy Bi Latino performers who get rough in the sex scenes while SN Thugs has ordinary looking, rough around the edges, Chavs and lads.

Two different sites and both are using the word Thug in the title. What’s it going to be?

I think the simple answer is: for black and Latino gay content go to Thug Boy; for ordinary, real looking, white-trash straight guys go to SN Thugs. And for those of you like me who can’t make up your mind, simply join both. That way we can avoid gang warfare and a lot of mess.

thugboysinsewer-showingbutts thugboys-linedup-dicks-hangingout

Brazil Bus

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Brazil Bus takes its name from the two most important elements of the site. One; it’s filmed in Brazil and two; it’s filmed in the back of a bus. Well, a van at any rate. Basically you have these horny gay guys driving around Brazil looking for cute and sexy Latin boys to pick up and fuck in the back of heir passion wagon. And they certainly find them.

Well they’ve so far found ten of them as the site has ten exclusive episodes on it, at the moment, that run for around 25 minutes each. These come with videos and images and are neatly arranged over two pages. You get good viewing options with the videos: You have high resolution and lower resolution versions, you can view the whole thing in one go or you can view it in clips; you have an MPG version and a WMV one so they are suitable for both Mac and PC and you can stream or download all of the clips or the entire video. I checked out a lower quality stream for you and found that it was perfectly watchable, even when it was a full screen. And the soundtrack was nice and clear too. When you think that these flicks have been shot while the bus is traveling at speed along the highways of Brazil the quality of the film making is pretty good. There’s very little camera jerk or ‘oops, I dropped it!’ as they drive over bumps. Occasionally they will go under a bridge and a shadow will pass across your screen but that’s about it. There was one scene I saw where the bus was being followed by the cops but it didn’t stop the boys in the back from fucking each other – now that’s what I cal reality porn!

The guys themselves are all hot in one way or another. They enjoy the sex they get up to, they are generally smooth, most are well hung – huge in some cases – with dark cocks and tight asses. So there is no faulting the models. Actually there’s no faulting anything really – it would have been good to have more episodes though and there wasn’t any news about updates and when we might get some more. But when you consider you have 10 long scenes for your $24.95 it’s reasonable value for money.

When you check out the tour you’ll see basically what you will see in the members’ area so the tour in that respect is ‘transparent’. However once you have signed up you will be able to fully access the videos. The trailers are o.k. on the tour and give you a flavor of the sexy fun to come but nothing beats the real thing. (The Guto &a Joao episode must be my favorite.)

I mentioned value for money just now but what I didn’t go on to say was that when you sign up for Brazil Bus you actually get access to four other sites too. There is another Brazilian themed one where sexy young Brazil boys give blow jobs, there is access to a movie theatre with hundreds of scenes to download, a site that focuses on men in their thirties being naughty with each other and a leather themed site too. So when you’ve done with your ten Brazil Bus movies you have hours, no days, more viewing ahead of you. The Brazilian themed movies and pics are totally exclusive and there are loads of other genres in the movies theater so you won’t get bored. Now that must be value for money surely? Five sites for the price of one. Fab!

White Country Boy Jacks off on ATV

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

This has to be one of the hottest videos I have ever seen with this hot white boy from the country.  There is something about these backwoods country boys that is so hot.  Hotter than your typical preppy straight guys.  This str8 guy not only walks up to what I thought was a motorcycle at first but you then see it as a 3 or 4 wheeler.  He then strokes off onto his ATV.  The next video that played after was a guy that stroked off onto his helmet.  He said he was just horny from riding the trails and wanted to release. This video was found on under “Sexy outdoor ATV jerk off”.

Curious Straight Guys

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been posting here too much lately. I have been SUPER busy figuring out how to encode videos for websites, editing clips, cropping pictures, and encoding for the web. I found a web designer yesterday to start working on my site, so I should have the design part done in the next 2 weeks or so. I am HOPING *crossing fingers* that I can get everything up and running by early March. I guess we will see how that goes. I am sure there is tons of stuff that I am not expecting! I went back to the Broke Straight Boys site today, and pulled some more galleries for you guys to check out. The more I look at this site, it becomes so much fun, and so hot to watch. These poor horny straight guys, having gay sex for pay… yumm! Gallery 1

Frat Cum

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I know you guys have seen post after post about this website. But this website, is by far one of the best that I have seen out there so far. The guys on this site are fucking HOT. Some HOT jocks. Most of the guys on here are men from the Australia’s south coast. So check out today and see what I have been raving about!

Amateur Gays

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Well actually, no I am not straight! But… I do LOVE looking at guys who think they are. Just when they are exploring their sexuality, when they still won’t admit to liking guys, yet, you can totally tell that they are so into them! This is exactly that kind of site! is a great site! Watch these guys that think they are straight fucking and sucking on each other. These hot little straight twinks get so into each other, you can see it in their eyes, how they kiss, and they still have no idea! Here are a few preview galleries. Am I Straight Gallery 1

Hot Jock Dildo Fuck

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Okay, so I was looking through some of my booked marked sites, when I came across Kody. Kody is a beautiful guy with an amazing smile. One thing that caught my eye was his shirt that says “Everything is Bigger in Texas”… The reason it caught my eye, is well, because I am from Texas, and us Texans just notice things like that about our home state..

Anyway back to Kody. So this beautiful boy, who may or may not be from Texas, is on His body is hot, and the way he eyes the dildo before he begins to ride it just amazes me! You can tell he wants that dildo, and that he is genuinely excited to have it up his ass. From what Randy Blue posted in the story to go along with this, is that in the video you can tell that Kody has never had a toy before. He doesn’t get it in as far as the other guys, and you can tell there is a bit of pain involved. One thing that Randy does do, is hint around that there are more videos in this hotties future!

Click here for free gallery from

Sleeping Guys Fucked

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Alright guys, I am a HUGE, let me say again, HUGE fan of! This site features some of the hottest Australian Jocks around, and all filmed while sleeping! This site is super hot, and features hot surfers and frat guys getting jerked off and sucked in their sleep. Here is a preview to check out!

Download Teaser Clip Here Check out Today!