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Mobile Live Cams

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I guess it had to happen. These days when you can be online on your mobile phone while you’re supposed to be listening to a class, or at a meeting, when you can send emails and look at websites through your iphone and send images instantly to your friends… well, it’s inevitable that now you can stream your own videos direct from your phone to anyone who wants to view them. You can have your mates there with you as you film what’s going on, simply send it directly to certain sites that they then view. It’s all rather new to me but here are some things I found out when looking into this instant ‘see what I’m doing’ facility.

I started by hitting upon as that came up as most popular in my search. Here you have two main sections, the Videos and the People. Either way what you do is sign up for the service and then you can send up your videos instantly from your phone and anyone who is online can see them. I checked the videos page and found some that were actually streaming live – plus some that were uploaded 10 seconds ago and so on; so you really can see things as they happen. This doesn’t just have to be for friends and family either. I guess if you’re at some momentous occasion you’ve got access to ‘as it happens’ footage, filmed by you, on your phone, sent to the site and then – and this is really worth thinking about – you’ve got it stored and safe. Let’s hope you never get caught up in a national disaster but if you were, your film could well be on the news as you’d be there before the news crew; the file would be streaming and, more importantly saved. (And we hope that you would also be saved, depending on what disaster you were caught up in.)

But fun things can be broadcast too: the birth of a baby, parties, your graduation, your last day at work, Christmas – let granny see what you are doing by having your movie on line as it happens.

I am actually viewing some videos as I write this. There are small thumbnails on the video page to show you what’s going on – or in some cases it looks like the user has left their phone on ‘record’ and gone to sleep as it was only a black screen, but what can you do? Here’s someone’s view of the snow as I watch them walk to work; someone in the USA is sitting in their car, I can see his knee and the steering wheel… excuse me, why? Someone else is having a much warmer time in a swimming pool in Finland; and here is someone who is obviously bored at work, and I can see why, what a dull office! I get the impression that these people are trying out the system to see exactly how it works.

And I can tell you that it seems to work nice and quickly. The streaming speed is fine, the Flash viewer is a medium size, but if you’re on a supper fast connection you’re going to do much better in terms of buffering. The clips are not very long, at least the ones I watched were not, but it’s up to users as to how much or how little content they send in to As a browser you can only view the clips, to comment and fully use the system you’ll need to register and log in. It looks to be free, the site is compatible with over 130 types of phone and you can link it in to your Twitter and Facebook accounts too.

That’s just a quick look at one of the services currently being offered in this new and fast-growing, fun and interactive communication trend. There are plenty of others, simply run a search, find one to suit you and you’ll soon be hooked on what strangers are doing in saunas in Sweden, at the baths in Brussels or at home in Holland.

Gay iPhone Porn

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

“The trouble with the world today is coffee in a cardboard cup.” Recognise that song from Kander and Ebb? Well, it’s kind of as true today as it was when they wrote it a few years back. But what’s it got to do with porn? Well, one of my jobs is reviewing adult sites, and more and more of them are making their content available for iPhones. In fact there are whole sites now dedicated to folk who want their porn on the go. You’re on your way to the office and you fancy a quick glance at some hardcore, or you’re with a new guy and you want to get him excited, so you whip out your iPhone and click, there’s a suggestion for what you both might do later. Everything is here for guys on the go these days and there’s no reason why porn should be the exception.

So, gay iPhone porn: where to find it? You could always sign up to a good looking hardcore site and hope that it has videos suitable for your hand held device – a good site will mention this facility on its tour so ‘always read the label’ as it were. Or you might want to go to an iPhone porn specialist. And there are plenty of them already on this particular bandwagon. comes out tops in many a search. I guess that’s because every thumbnail leads to BelAmi OnLine; but, strangely, I wasn’t too sure what this little site was all about or how it worked. However had pages of sample thumbnails that led to Quicktime files when clicked and these were free clips and scenes. You may be better off viewing these sites actually on your iPhone of course (I wasn’t) where everything will be scaled correctly and look neat; in an internet browser you get the impression that the movies are not good quality, and that’s because they are set up for small screens.

One of my favourite sites, has a forum or two, and in there you can find discussions about iPhone porn and sites that have been tested, and ones that are not longer running. (Forget, it was there but now it’s gone.) The discussions I saw there really picked the bones out of IPhone porn: too small – but at least small porn is better than no porn; what kinds of players are supported by what devices and sites; and guys setting up their own sites get mentioned too. for example – simple, clips in Mp4 format and free. is typical of the better organised, easier to view sites that are now springing up. Like many I’ve seen the tours of recently, this one has a page of larger images, lists of extras and categories, you can view it in a browser-suitable format and there are three speeds of streaming/downloading. You’re also told which sites or studios the content comes from, so you know what you are getting. And, like many of the bigger, better organised sites, you must expect to pay to join. The priced here weren’t bad with a month’s access for under €20.00 or under $20.00 which may sound like a lot when you can also find free porn to view, but here you do get a better service.

Finally, as an example of what to look out for, I go back to the fact that many adult sites are providing their own porn in iPhone suitable versions. The Male Spectrum Pass is one of the larger networks of gay porn sites and they now have hundreds of their scenes in Mp4 and h264 (and other) formats available to download to your device. Simple, good quality and not expensive – and once a member there you will have access online too – loads of porn.

So, as that song goes on to say, “the trouble with the world today is everything is hurry up.” Well, good. Quick porn in the palm of your hand exactly when you want it. Doesn’t sound like trouble to me.

Imale Spectrum Pass for the iPhone

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Recently I have been asked to take a look at several sites that are now setting up specifically to provide porn to mobile phones. Well, with the increase in technology and the expansion of mobile functions and devices, it seems totally logical. I mean, your hand held device is more and more like a small personal computer these days, so why not have porn on it. Some sites have versions of their movies for iPhone 4 and iPads, etc. and that’s one thing, but now there are these mobile phone specific sites. And Imale Spectrum Pass is one of them.

Actually Male Spectrum is an organization that already has a fully fledged set of adult sites and you can always access these with a standard Male Spectrum Pass. Their sites include the ‘His First’ series, with his first Huge Cock and Gay Sex being the two, and they also have under their bulging belt, Twinks For Cash which is one of the original ‘pay for gay’ sites. So, you know when you start to look at the episodes on the mobile phone site that you’re going to get well made and hot porn, only now it’s going to be suitable for your phone. Suitable in size and resolution that is.

So, we head over to the site at and find a list of ten sample images and some info. There are actually several pages on this tour and they all work in the same way, so you can see the kinds of things on offer. There are also choices of bandwidth so when you’re viewing the site you can set the correct connection for you to make sure things run smoothly. You’ve got trailers to check out on many occasions and photos too; and these pics are generous in size and give a good indication of the action that’s to come.

You will also notice that the site gives you some extras, such as ring tones and wallpapers, there are search categories and search engines and a useful help page. You can even view a tutorial if this kind of ‘getting your porn on your mobile’ is new to you. Mind you, here’s a test. If the following means nothing to you then you may have to phone a friend, but if you understand it then you’re going to be just fine: “Wifi / 3G are fast connections and are typically used if you would like to view better quality video. Use the Edge connection if Wifi / 3G are not available. Edge videos will look more compressed, but will download faster since they’re smaller in file size.”

Actually the tutorial page is very helpful and the site does come with a contact page if you need more in depth assistance.

So, what I can tell you about Imale Spectrum, for certain as I’ve seen their content on several occasions, is that whether you view the site or join the mobile version, you’re going to get hot amateur boys in all kinds of sexy scenes. There are older guys with younger, guys being paid for sex, wild parties in college bars and dorms, and the content they supply is always good quality and horny, There is also lots of variety with their models, many of whom are amateur, and you’ve got black and white dudes in hardcore scenes, plus regular updates. This network consistently gets good reviews for its work so you’ve got no worries there. And at the Mobile center you’ve got a great chance to sign up for a decent fee – a standard/low, sign up/monthly membership actually – and once you’ve done that, well, you can take your porn with you wherever you go. Just make sure you don’t accidentally send the files on to your mother when you meant to send a photo of your cat.