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Spy On Dudes

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

This is the real thing. This isn’t a site that features porn stars in scripted movies with varying camera angles, a soundtrack and all that ‘yeah, you love that big cock in your ass’ type stuff. This is a site that captures real guys unawares: in the bathroom, in the bushes, on the bed, wherever they need to get a load off.

Check the tour to see some examples for your self. There are six video tours here that show you stills from some of the hidden camera moments. Here you can see someone’s room mate looking at porn on his laptop before jerking one off; actual footage filmed in a cubicle as the hopeful guy next door puts his cock through the glory hole; sleeping guys in night vision have their shorts pulled down and their dick pulled until they cum in their sleep… and so the list goes on. Just about every possible location is used in this well thought out and horny voyeur site.

When I last visited the members’ area, twelve months ago, there were around 30 exclusive and original videos. These were available to download in Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats and there should be many more by now. As these are hidden cam movies the file sizes aren’t huge so you shouldn’t have any trouble downloading them. Expect to hear natural soundtracks, the voices of people outside the room, the cars passing, the sound of night as the sleeping guys get stroked. It all adds to the realism of each scene which in turn makes the movies more erotic than those glossy pro-porn flicks. Some of the movies run for six minutes or so while others are longer; in some the guy sleeping has his face ‘fuzzed’ out which only adds even more ‘naughtiness’ to the overall effect.

But not all these movies are guys sleeping, I only mention those a bit more than the others as they were the most erotic. It really was like being there in the room, trying to control your breathing so as not to wake the guy up. Even though these are spy cam movies the quality isn’t half bad; accept them for what they are and you’ll have a great time.

You’ll want to know what the guys are like: well, they are varied in build and looks but tend to be on the younger side of 30. There are butch straight looking dudes with tattoos and muscles flicking through a girly mag as they stroke their pussy-pounder. There are college boys in baseball caps knocking one off in the dorm; average looking boys from next door playing with their cocks innocently, unaware that they are being filmed and there are occasionally couples where one knows they are being filmed but the other doesn’t. Plenty of bathroom shots can be found – including guys jerking off on the toilet filmed from the floor and guys in the shower filmed from above. Are they real? Do they really know what’s going on? It’s up to you to decide but one thing is for sure: many of these movies are more erotic than the studio made variety.

I do remember thinking that there wasn’t a huge amount of content at the site but that was over a year ago and the sign up fee was very reasonable, reflecting the fact that it wasn’t a huge site. I couldn’t get in to it this time so I can’t say for sure how much new content there is but at only $24.95 for a month (recurring) or $5.00 for a two day trial (one off, non-recurring) you can’t really go wrong.

Amateur Gays at

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Just recently the design at was redone, and it is much improved over the last one. In the tour you can now get an exact idea of what kind of hot, hardcore fucking action goes on inside of the members area. Almost every model on has never appeared on another site, and all of the videos are exclusive so you don’t get any videos that you have already seen. These gay amateurs sure know how to get off for you guys on camera… they will keep you popping boner after boner, and load after load. Check it out today!

Hot British Gay Twinks

Monday, August 13th, 2007

This is the first time I am posting about here, but on other sites

I have talked about it on, the guys have really loved it!!

This site features hot british twinks in solos, fuck scenes, and suck scenes. The great thing about this site, is all of the previews that are available without even putting in your credit

card information. You get to see exactly what the site has to offer, so there are no surprises once inside of the members area. Here are a couple more pictures of this hot british twink! Check out NOW!

Gay Twink Medical Fetish

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I was surfing around checking out some new sites on the web, and found This is a site made just for guys with a medical fetish, and is made by the same guys who brought you College Boy Physicals is LOADED full of content. These boys drink this liquid that makes them turn into horny guys! Watch them rim, fuck and get finger fucked with the hours of content inside! With memberships starting at just $4 for a trial, its definately worth checking out. Also, as a bonus, you get access to 4 other websites including Check out these preview video galleries below! College Boys get fucked

Hot Twinks Boy Alley

Monday, March 5th, 2007 has some of the hottest twinks on their page. The site is well put together, easy to navigate, plus you get acces to 3 other sites. The other sites include, and Chip is super hot, and has a big 9 inch pecker. He is a shorter guy, so his cock hangs down to his knees! YUM! There are 2 payment options for One you can pay $29.95 a month recurring, or you could just pay one time fee 59.95 for 60 days. It would be a matter of personal preference as to which one you wanted. As far as the value, it really can’t be beat here. You get access to 4 sites total sites, with origional content, easy navigation, and super hot sexy twinks. A note about my lack of posting. I have been super busy, I have most of the site completely done as far as the graphic design stuff goes. I still have to code the back end, upload everything and do some testing! I am still shooting for a March launch date. I will let you guys know as it starts getting closer to that time. Free Galleries: Hot Twink Chip Carson in a tuxedo and Skinny dipping twinks

Gay Amateur Site

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Alright I found this hot site, which is right now one of the HOTTEST and best selling websites on the net. It was the Winner Of Best New Site For 2006 From CyberSocket Web Awards. has tons of hot straight boys who are broke, strapped for cash and ready to get in front of the camera. These hot twinky boys are almost willing to do anything for some extra cash!