Top Male Gay Celeb Scandals

What are the Top Celeb Scandals related to male celeb porn? Well, here is a challenge. I have a list of celebs and naughty words and I’m trying to put them together to see if I can find some of the top male celeb scandals of the past couple of years. Excuse the quick ‘run-through’ nature of this post, but I wanted to share what have been considered the top 10 male celebrity scandals, those wonderful ‘oops’ moments and myths. Which are real? Which are just fantasy? Check the links and see for yourself.

Taylor Lautner’s Balls
I checked this search string out and didn’t find anything, only a slight controversy that there were some pics of him going around the web taken when he was 17, one, allegedly, was of him showing his balls – it doesn’t. (Here’s the link. And there was another one of him showing his cock outline as he left a gym in a trackie with no underwear beneath: However, this little scandal was enough to raise an amusing video in September 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal Cock,
Since Brokeback Mountain everyone’s fallen for Jake but what’s he got that’s worth seeing? Here’s the star of the ‘scandal’ in a clip from ‘Love and other drugs’ that allegedly gives us a glimpse of the Jake jewels, or at least his penis: Was that added in for the web by someone with nothing better to do, would the studio (and his agent) have allowed it? Maybe it’s best left to the imagination; try this where you get directions to the penis outline, and then make up your own mind. Alternatively, watch Brokeback Mountain with your pause button ready for the jumping off the cliff scene…

Taylor Hanson gay?
That’s the question, here’s the chat: In recent years a large quantity of photographs of Taylor in homosexual encounters have surfaced. Some have proven to be fake, while others are still up for debate. Because of this, the answer to the question is Taylor Hanson gay, the answer is that while he promotes himself as straight, the likely hood of him being bisexual (at the least) is very possible.

Again we’re probably looking at ‘shopped’ images when we see Taylor sucking dick here:

Kellan Lutz hung?
Another star with mystique, and this times it’s around what he’s got in his pants. Is Kellan Lutz hung? I had to go to the Daily Bulge (nice play on words) for some shots. Start here: and then go to: for some even closer pics. You can pack a lot into a jock strap, move it around, it point the right way and make a five inch average look like a nine inch jaw-breaker. You might want to search for his CK underwear ad pics to make up your own mind.

Drake Bell on a webcam
I looked around for a scandal involving Drake Bell and a webcam and completely failed. There are lots of video clips of him, loads of chat and photos, some morphed and some fans setting up sites showing his bulge and so on, but nothing about a webcam scandal. What did I miss?

Zac Efron NUDE
This is more like it, who can resist Zac? And who has the time to wade through all the fake pics, and find ‘Zac with a nude model’ we don’t want that, we want to see what’s in Zac’s shorts. Zip back to 2008 when there were talks for Zac to take on the lead role in Eqquus on Broadway, a play which calls for nudity (remember Daniel Radcliff’s naked publicity shots?), then search around to see if Zac ever did the same… and you find ‘Zac considering’, ‘Zac to play…’, and then, sadly you find out it wasn’t true and didn’t happen. You’re left with morphed pics and an over-active imagination.

Snoop Dogg’s got 10 inches?
Does Snoop Dogg have a 10 inch penis? Well, I’m doing my best but without any certifiable written evidence, or a confession from the rapper himself, I am left with this page a zoom lens, and obviously lots more searching to do.

Prince William Caught
Now we can always really on the British Royals to let themselves down royally and often in public. Take Prince William; caught in controversy as he’s always fondling his dick, peeing in public or scratching his Windsor Nuts. Here’s a pic of him, allegedly, peeing in public and a discussion to go with it: The bottom line with this celeb scandal is that it seems to be one incident picked up in 2008, now re-doing the internet rounds, and if you wait a little while longer, there will be some other right royal oops bouncing around the net.

Randy Orton hard
So, any celeb mishap photos of this wrestler flashing his dick? Can we see him with a hardon? After hours of searching (it’s hard to put ‘hard’ in a search string in this context when you’re dealing with a hard-bodied, hard-muscled wrester who wrestles hard…), and after logging in to You Tube to confirm I was (and still am), an adult, I found this clip: Randy gets his trunks pulled down, races around the ring trying to cover his modesty and, if you’re really quick, you’ll catch a glimpse.

Ryan Reynolds’ cock
Used to belong to Alanis Morissette, when they were together, but you can catch a glimpse of it thanks to ‘Buying the cow’ a movie he appeared in. This was the best place I found to check him and it out: in photos only though; the video clips have been removed. I wonder why?

So, top celeb scandals, top fakes, can you think of any more? It’s a great game to play, when you’ve got nothing else to do: to search out as many male celebs as you can, and see if they’ve done anything worthy of being included in a top male celeb porn site. You’ll be surprised at how many you can find without having to pay to join one of those celeb scandal sites.

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